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+256 778 291603, +256 751 925403
Property type
5 bedrooms , 5 bathrooms , 30 Decimals
Property C
ode: 32408
$ 365,917
4 bedrooms , 4 bathrooms , 25 Decimals
Property C
ode: 34733
$ 151,594
3 bedrooms , 3 bathrooms
Property C
ode: 32497
$ 65,342
4 bedrooms , 3 bathrooms
Property C
ode: 32426
$ 48,353
7 bedrooms , 8 bathrooms
Property C
ode: 34762
$ 650,000
4 bedrooms , 4 bathrooms , 20 Decimals
Property C
ode: 32432
$ 104,548

Real estate agency

Living in Kampala can be paradise; buying property in Kampala can be a nightmare. If you don’t know the customs and terrain of Kampala, the si ....

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Real estate brokerage

Our real estate brokerage services involve conducting a sales comparison of similar properties in your area of interest that have been sold recently. ....

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Real estate consultancy

One of the important benefits of property pricing in Kampala is that it is traditionally much more dynamic than other locations. Once you contact us, ....

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We are professionals in selling/Renting 0778291603 if you want to buy property or have property you want to sale but can't find buyers. We the best

Years of real estate practice have branded us as to the most Trusted real estate agency dealing in properties around kampala for both sale and rent
"Before discovering Musbon Real Estate, we had wasted out time with unprofessional agents who didn't even have good properties but just wanted mo ....
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  Jeremy Edwards USA
"Professional and experiencied agent , understanding and time concious"
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  Prof Mwebasa Ibrahim
"With these guys, house search was effortless, good communication efforts and very efficient"
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  Dr Ssemanda Anthony
"We couldn't ask for more, thanks to Boniface for getting us our new home in Munyonyo, absolutely lovely"
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  Ainebyona Patrick
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